Butt Lodge

Arran Wildlife & Nature

Arran is full of wildlife: Red deer, otters, golden eagles and seals are a common sight. The island also has a diverse range of plant life, including three species of tree that are only found on Arran.

Over 250 species of birds have been identified on the island and the rock-pools and surrounding waters are teeming with life.

Because it is separated from the mainland, the local red squirrel population has been able to thrive and visitors to Butt Lodge regularly see them playing in the garden.

Meet the neighbours

During your stay it is almost guaranteed that you will see some of the local red deer who enjoy spending time on the golf course outside the house as well as wading through the water by Lochranza Castle.

Passengers on the Claonaig ferry, which sails into Lochranza, are often lucky enough to spot porpoises and basking sharks.